Developing and Scaling a Personalization Platform for a Retail Business

About the company:

The client is a leading integrated retailer that operates through its subsidiaries with full-line and specialty retail stores across the United States. The company is dedicated to seamlessly connecting digital and physical shopping experiences to serve its customers. They also own a social shopping platform that offers members rewards for shopping at their stores and other retail partners.

Industry: Retail

Location: USA

Service: Advanced Analytics


increase in revenue


reduction in transportation expenses


The client faced challenges in leveraging their data to optimize business performance, manage analytics infrastructure, and make informed strategic decisions. They needed a partner to help them transition their analytics platform, implement real-time tracking and BI solutions, and provide cross-functional leadership and management.


  1. Enhance analytics and insights capabilities.
  2. Implement KPI-focused BI and real-time tracking.
  3. Provide strategic leadership and manage cross-functional teams.


  • Analyzed client data, identifying trends and insights for improved performance.
  • Migrated analytics platform to Google Cloud for scalability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Developed KPI-focused BI and real-time tracking to optimize processes.
  • Collaborated with leadership for strategic planning and decision-making support.
  • Provided cross-functional leadership, managing 150+ associates for effective collaboration.

Technology Stack


Enhanced business performance:

10% increase in revenue due to data driven campaigns

Increased profitability figures:

Recorded an increase in profit margins this quarter.

Data leverage improvements:

Realized a remarkable increase in the use of data analytics.

Improved decision accuracy:

Significant reduction in strategic decision errors observed.

Improved customer engagement:

Higher customer engagement and retention with more repeat purchases.

Streamlined operational efficiency:

10% reduction in transportation expenses by optimizing supply chain with real-time tracking.