Driving Brand Loyalty and Data with Web3 Shopping and CRM

Client Background

The client is a company in the AdTech industry, offering a mobile application that allows users to earn rewards for sharing their data with researchers and companies. Users can share information such as demographics, purchase history, and social media behavior. In exchange, they earn rewards such as gift cards or cash.

Industry: Advertising Industry

Location: USA

Engagement: Data and Technology

Problem Statement

The client's platform was facing scalability issues and challenges with cash incentives for users. They were seeking new ways to engage with advertisers and provide value to users while improving the platform's efficiency and sustainability.


  1. Develop a web app that integrates with the Web3 ecosystem.
  2. Create branded NFT custodial wallets for advertisers and users.
  3. Improve user engagement and advertising results.


  1. Analyzed the current platform and identified opportunities for improvement.
  2. Designed and developed a web app that integrates with the Web3 ecosystem.
  3. Implemented branded NFT custodial wallets for advertisers and users to engage directly.

Technology Stack


Enhanced User Engagement:

Achieved an increase in user engagement, fostering deeper interactions and loyalty.

Rapid Response Time:

2x faster user response time, significantly improving user satisfaction and user interaction.

Advertising Efficacy Boost:

Improvement in advertising results, leading to a better ROI and higher revenue.

Web3 Integration Success:

Reduction in transaction processing time through seamless Web3 integration.

Branded NFT Adoption:

Embracing branded NFT custodial wallets led to higher satisfaction and customer retention.

Cost-Effective Interactions:

The new solution optimized operational efficiency, through cost-effective user-advertiser interactions.