Making Alternative Investments Personalized and Secure with Separately Managed Accounts Platform

Client Background

The client operates in the alternative asset investment space, where investors primarily access investments through commingled vehicles. These vehicles are known for their low transparency, high friction, and low control, leading to operational challenges for investment managers and a poor experience for investors.

Industry: Investment Management

Location: USA

Engagement: Data and Technology


quicker fund allocation


increase in investor satisfaction scores

Problem Statement

The client sought a better solution to address the operational challenges of commingled vehicles  and improve the overall investor experience in alternative asset investing.


  1. Analyze the operational challenges of commingled vehicles and the investor experience.
  2. Develop a more efficient and transparent investment structure.
  3. Implement technology solutions to facilitate efficient management of the new investment structure.


  1. Conducted a thorough study of the operational challenges of commingled vehicles and the investor experience.
  2. Recommended a separately managed account (SMA) structure to enable customization and investor control.
  3. Developed a technology solution to manage multiple SMAs with consolidated trading, portfolio management, reporting, and rebalancing.

Technology Stack


Increased Transparency:

Improved transparency in investment operations resulted in a reduction in investor inquiries.

Reduced Friction:

Streamlined processes led to a significant decrease in transactional friction, resulting in 2X quicker fund allocations.

Improved Control for Investors:

Enhanced investor control over their portfolios resulted in a 15% increase in investor satisfaction scores.

Efficient Management of SMAs:

Implementation of the SMA structure enabled investment managers to efficiently manage multiple SMAs.

Consolidated Trading and Portfolio:

Consolidated portfolio management capabilities led to a reduction in manual workload for investment managers.

Enhanced Reporting and Rebalancing:

Improved reporting resulted in reduced reporting errors and a reduction in portfolio rebalancing time.